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Applications for everyday life!

daddioNTSlogoHello There

daddioNTS is the developer of applictions for everyday life. We develop applications for Android and iOS devices.

Our first appliction has just been released for Android phones. Please see 'What's New?' for more information.

Please come back often to learn of new, innovative applications for Android and iOS platforms.

What's New?


daddioNts is proud to announce the release of IHaveArrived for Android phones. IHaveArrived helps busy people stay connected. At the touch of a button IHaveArrived will get the user's current location and send an sms message to up to three contacts. Please go to the Android Marketplace and download your copy today.

IHaveArrived is perfect for beginning drivers and busy executives alike. Let loved ones or friends know when you have reached a destination with a single touch of the IHaveArrived icon.

IHaveArrived uses the phone's built-in GPS to determine your location. If the location can not be found an sms message will be sent saying you have arrived at your destination but no location could be retrieved.


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